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FAQ for 0% & 1% Commission Clients

When you are ready to sell your home, the most important place to have it listed is on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This must be done by a licensed real estate broker & REALTOR® , and typically comes at a cost of around 6% of the sale price of your property. A Flat Fee MLS Listing company gives you the benefit of exposure on the MLS for one FLAT FEE rather than a commission based fee. This can SAVE you  THOUSANDS of dollars on your transaction! 

Exposure is key. The MLS is the Realtor® Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is the most powerful marketing tool available to realtors. Not only is it an exclusive listing service created for realtors to utilize while helping their clients find a home, but more importantly it is a hub for all the important information about a property to be gathered in one spot. It is from here that other sites will gather the property data and display it on their sites as well (such as Zillow, Trulia, and over 90 more real estate sites). If you want to sell your home, your property needs to be out there to be seen! 

Yes. I have been licensed in Real Estate for the past 25+ years.  I owned and operated other Franchise Brokerage (Exit Extreme Realty in North Tampa).  I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker for 10+ years.  

You may display up to 25 high resolution photos to be submitted into the MLS. 

Interested buyers will contact us directly so we can schedule a time for you to show your property at a convenient time for you. We will be listed as your Listing Broker on the MLS (only licensed real estate agents & REALTORS® can list properties on the MLS), we will add your contact information and any other special showing instructions or lockbox access information. 

In addition to being listed in the MLS and HUBZU to 97 real estate websites, your listing will also be syndicated to® and over 90 other of our partner sites. A few of these include Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, as well as on real estate sites like Coldwell Banker®, RE/MAX®, Keller Williams®, Zip Realty®, Century 21® which are popular places for buyers to look when buying their new home. 

Public websites are usually 2-3 days behind the MLS.  It depends upon when each site updates their data feed with the MLS.

Interested buyer’s agents will contact you directly so you to show your property at a convenient time for you. We will be listed as your Listing Broker on the MLS (only licensed real estate agents & REALTORS® can list properties on the MLS), we will add your contact information and any other special showing instructions or lockbox access information. There is an upgrade option to use showing time to schedule and confirm showings.

You have an exclusive agency listing agreement.  it means if you the owner find a Buyer, you will not have to pay a commission to the Broker.  However, if another Broker finds a Buyer(s) then you will owe a commission to the selling agent and the listing agent.  Florida Property Investments is paid at the time of the listing a listing flat fee based upon the total amount of options selected by the Owner.

When accepting terms for any offer, the owner should require a pre-qualification letter from the Buyer’s agent attesting to your Buyer’s qualification or a proof of funds letter from your Buyer’s institution where they will be using the cash funds to purchase your house.  We use Scott Slone with Caliber Home Loans 813-295-4660 (cell) to get valid pre-qualification information if needed.

While our fee is a flat rate up front, you get to decide how much to offer a Buyer’s agent as a commission if they are to bring a buyer to you – traditionally it is 2.5$-3% of the purchase price. Per the MLS rules, we are not able to have a listing in which a commission to the buyer’s agent is not offered.

Yes, you may cancel your MLS listing at any time. There are no cancellation fees associated with cancellation of your listing. You will simply fill out an Update Listing form on our website. CLICK HERE for this form. If you decide that a flat fee listing is not the right selling option for you, or perhaps you need a little more help with the marketing and sale of your property, we do offer traditional listing services in most areas.

FAQ Flat Fee Clients

Anytime you have a change to your listing, you can easily submit it to us via our “Update Listing” form on our website.

Although your listing is ACTIVE immediately in your local MLS, other syndicated (3rd party) websites take a little bit longer to pull your listing data from the MLS. These syndicated websites can update anywhere from a few hours to 1-2 business days to pull data from the MLS. 

While we can guarantee and maintain the accuracy of your listing in the MLS, we aren’t able to control the data or format that these websites display their listings. 

Don’t worry, we make sure that not only is your listing placed in your local MLS, but that the settings in your MLS listing are set correctly to allow these websites to access the data they need.

As a Flat Fee client, we will supply you with the Seller’s Property Disclosure, Data Entry Form as a standard and, Condo Rider or HOA disclosure and lead base addendum, sink hole addendum if applicable.

ABSOLUTELY! As a matter of fact, nowhere on your listing does it indicate that you listed with a flat fee listing service.Your listing will be listed under our Brokerage Florida Property, which is displayed to buyer agents and brokers as a limit service listing.  The agents will know to call you direct and submit offer directly to you. 

We can for additional cost.  These two listing options show a professional image and make it easier for you to allow licensed Realtors to show you property without you being there to open the door.

If you have a By Owner sign, that will need to come down regardless once the property is listed in the MLS.  It confuses the Realtors on the Realtor’s ability to show and leads to missed appointments.    

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a resource that REALTORS® use to evaluate the prices of similar homes (comparables) in your area and to determine the market value. CMAs provide you with an unbiased opinion of your property’s value. Public websites like Zillow are only -% accurate in some areas.

YES, but at an additional cost.  Client representation is offered for 0% or 1% commission based upon the purchase price it you would feel more comfortable with a licensed professional.  Comprehensive sales contract reviews are available by our licensed and insured agents.  The review will be done within 24 hours of being uploaded or emailed to and feedback and suggestions will be provided to the client for consideration.  This includes a client phone consultation.  We will help you avoid potential pitfalls that can save you thousands of dollars!

Absolutely!!  We encourage the use of any marketing tools that assist in showing your home in the best way!  You can either use your own virtual tour at an additional cost or we can provide a virtual tour utilizing the photos that you provide.  

Please remember that if you’re providing your own virtual tour, it MUST comply with the requirements of the MLS. 

Virtual tours may not contain company logos, commissions, bonuses, contact information, text or graphics of any kind (with the exception of the MLS watermark) in the virtual tour. Only photographs, site plot, property sketch, property line art or survey of the property can be entered in the virtual tour and all photo fields. All content including remarks, virtual tour photos and images must be owned, purchased or licensed by the listing broker/agent, from the content owner. The virtual tour link must be a valid URL and may not contain any Participant/Subscriber names or links to any third party business or social networking sites.

Feel free to contact us,  we’re always just an email or phone call away and we’re happy to assist!

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